Walkthrough X-Men Origin: Wolverine


The game opens with a brief skydiving scene. You can move around during this but nothing will really affect the outcome of this scene, you landing into the middle of a jungle on top of an enemy soldier.

Wolverine will pick himself up off the ground only to discover he is surrounded. It's now up to you to fight you way out of it. You'll need to defend yourself from the local Soldiers and Machete Warriors. Soldiers tend to try to keep their distance from you and shoot Wolverine from afar. Lunge attacks works well against them as you can get in close real fast. Be careful, because Machete Warriors will lunge at you. These melee foes can be Counter Attacked by tapping the Block button just before they land a hit. If you do this successfully, time will slow down. When this happens quickly tap an attack button to perform a Counter Attack. Get a feel for the controls and combat and you clear this area of foes.

During this first battle, your enemies will open the gate for you. Finish killing them off then proceed up the trail past the gate. You'll approach a small waterfall at the top of the hill. Walk behind it and pick up the Dog Tag. These are hidden throughout the game and can give you Experience Points for collecting them.

Continue along the trail and you'll need to lock onto an enemy across a gap and Lunge at him. Proceed up the trail to the lookout point then Lunge at one of the enemies below. Take out the enemies here then climb the cliff face and rope to reach the top of this small hill. Run straight ahead to avoid taking too much damage from the enemies at the opposite end of this trail. Kill them then approach the broken bridge. A helicopter will rise into view. When it does, Lunge to it. Climb up onto the front of the chopper and punch out the window and then kill the pilot. This will "defeat" the chopper and get you to the temple across the chasm.

Enter the temple and drop into the pit to be introduced to the Machete Champion. They are pretty much as same as the Warriors except when they do they jumping attack the hit with an explosion of fire which is dangerous. You want to Dodge this attack as best you ca and kill this foe quickly. Look for and Environmental Kill using your Feral Senses. Hack your way through the Machete Warriors that appear then look to the right hand side of the room using your Feral Senses to find a Dog Tag before going on. Jump up to the ledge behind where the Soldiers appear through a small doorway. Climb up and follow this path outside to a bridge.

Run across the bridge and then Lunge across the hole. After a brief scene you'll end up clinging to the bridge which is now hanging vertically down a cliff. Climb upwards using your claws and pull each enemy down by tapping the Grab button when you near them. At the top, follow the trail around to another lookout point and a cable that runs down to it. Jump up and grab onto the cable and you'll slide down to the gate below. You can't open the gate yourself, you'll need something to help you. Follow the path up the steep hill. Take out the enemies you encounter at the top of this hill and then grab the Dog Tag off the dead soldier behind the explosive barrels. Stand behind the truck nearby and push it down the hill.

Once you've successfully busted down the gate with the truck you'll need to go to quick work wiping the area clear of enemies. Lunge around to pick off the Soldiers hiding out on the ledges taking shots at you. After that, go to work on all the enemies in the middle. Eventually the other gate will open to allow you to proceed up another path. Climb the wall at the end with your claws then drop down into the next area and start taking fools out. Be sure to check behind you to see the boarded up doorway. Smash these planks to reveal a hidden area. Go to the back of this area to find the Mysterious Hatch which unlocks the Found! Achievement/Trophy. As you leave this hidden area, look to the right to find other Dog Tag.

Leave this hidden area the way you entered then jump onto the rocks to the back of the next to climb around the locked gate. Drop down the other side and before proceeding up the path, turn around and grab the Dog Tag lying next to the large gate you passed. Now proceed up the path. At the top of the hill you'll find some ruins. Break your way through the wooden woods covering the doorway and you'll find a Classic Wolverine Figurine inside. Step back outside and go around to the right of the ruins. Follow this trail around until you see a lone Soldier sitting with his back to you on top of some ruins. Smash through the wooden doorway to the right and then jump and cling onto the ledge along the left wall. Shimmy to the left just behind the Soldier to trigger a short scene.

After the brief talk with Striker, follow the path around to find a crank. Tap the Grab button to turn the crank which will raise a gate for you. You'll need to run and perform a Dodge to make it through the gate before it closes. You'll now find yourself in a courtyard-like area. Quickly take out the Soldiers here before engaging the Machete Warriors. After you've killed all the warriors, be ready for the Machete Champion that appears. Take him out then climb the rope on the left side of this courtyard (use your Feral Senses if you need help spotting it). At the top of the rope, jump to the ledge to the left and collect the Dog Tag. Now jump back to the rope and proceed in the opposite direction by jumping and climbing other platforms and ropes.

Drop into the open portion of the corridors below after you jump to the last platform. On the ground to the right you'll find another Dog Tag leaning against the massive wooden doors. Fight your way through here then climb the rope at the end. Follow this corridor around to a ledge way you can Lunge at a Soldier on a distant platform. Make your way down this path and you'll encounter another Machete Champion. Once you've defeated him, make your way past this area to find a small staircase. Along the left you'll see another Dog Tag to be collected. Drop into an area with a gate opener but no crank. Head down the near by bridge and you'll find the crank at the dead end. Head back to the gate opener with the crank. You'll need to take out some Machete Warriors on your way back. Insert the crank into the opener and turn it. Once the gate is fully opened, run and roll through it before the gate closes.

In this next open area you'll be introduced to a Leviathan. These giant rock creatures will appear throughout the game. Know that for the first half of their health meter, they can me attack by basic attacks from the ground. However, halfway through their live and they'll add more rock armor to their body making it impossibly to damage them from the ground. You need to get onto its shoulder. Do not Lunge straight at a Leviathan, it'll smack you out of the air. Instead, wait for it to attack then roll around behind it and then Lunge at it. This will put you in prime position to hack at its one crack in the armor. Repeat this until until you've taken away all its health then pull its head off by tapping the Light Attack button.

After you defeat the Leviathan, turn around and face the temple you just came out of. Go to the right and push this statue back to reveal the dead soldier for you to collect the Dog Tag from. Now go to the opposite side and pull the statue out here and then jump on top of it and then to the wall above where you can wall climb with your claws. Climb up to the balcony above then break through the stone door with cracks in it. Down this dead end you'll find another Dog Tag. Back out on the balcony, lunge at the Soldier on the opposite platform. From here, jump up and grab onto the rope so you slide down to the riverbank.

Kill the Machete Champion here then run out to the end of the dock. Wait for a boat to speed close by then Lunge at one of the Soldiers to get onto the boat. Kill the other enemies then Lunge to the next one and repeat. You'll soon be in control of a turret gun. Use the gun to shoot the attacking boats. Focus on one at a time and just keep hitting it until it explodes. Once the first two have been destroyed three more will appear. Again, just worry about one at a time. Destroy all three boats to trigger a cutscene.
The Tale of Wolverine

Know when going into this fight with Sabertooth, that he has all the same abilities and attacks as you. You can go about this battle any number of ways. Counter Attack his offense. Straight up hack and slash at him. Grab and perform Quick Kills to deal damage. One thing to note is if you get some distance away from Sabertooth, he will Lunge at you. Can cannot block this and it's best to just Lunge straight at him and intercept him in midair.

When the fight goes outside, know that you can earn a special Achievement/Trophy here. If you Grab Sabertooth and throw him and impale him on the telephone pole you'll unlock Stick Around. Use your Feral Senses to see this red pole on the telephone if you are having a hard time.

Keep up the same tactics outside as you were inside. You'll need to empty his health bar a few times before finally "beating" him which just triggers a cutscene.
Stryker's Offer

Once you've broken free from the experimentation bath, quickly go to work using your new claws on the enemies filling the room. Once the room has been cleared, search the small room along the right to find a Dog Tag. Begin too hack and slash your way up the hallways. Keep following these corridors until you reach a room where you're introduced to Elite Commandos. These are melee enemies. Counter Attacks work great against them as well as Grabs.

Kill the Elite Commandos and then use the small lift in the back corner of this room. You'll now find yourself in a long hallway. Enter the first door on the left to find another Dog Tag. Follow this hallway into the next room where you'll be locked in with gas that obstructs your view. Use your Feral Senses to see the enemies in this room and wipe them out. Proceed through the next set of hallways and rooms (use your Feral Senses as a guide if you need to). As you pass through a room with a large glass window, be sure to pry open the door opposite of the window to find a Dog Tag waiting inside the tiny room. Proceed after collecting this item. You'll eventually find yourself in a room with a large creature in a glass tube. Don't worry about it just yet. Instead kill the Elite Commandos.

You'll receive a message from Carol Frost who'll unlock a door for you. Head through this newly opened door and you'll be introduce to Ghost soldiers. These enemies have a cloaking device that makes them completely invisible. However, use Wolverine's Feral Senses to spot these tricky enemies. Know that Lunging at them is useless and Quick Kills result in a button mashing sequence to blow their own heads off with a shotgun. This is probably the fastest way to dispose of them. Run up the stairs here and pick up the Power Cell from the receptor. Now carry back out into the room with the dormant beast.

Stick the Power Cell in the receptor here to open the large double doors. Take these passageways to the next large room. Approach the computer in front of the giant tube to be introduced to a W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype. Do not Lunge straight at this creature as it will simply catch you in midair and slam you onto the ground. Instead, attempt to roll around behind it when it swings then Lunge onto its back. Tap either attack button to dig into the monster's back until it tosses you off. Alternatively, jumping straight into the air and tapping Light Attack to barrage the creature with attacks is another solution. Repeat either process until the creature is killed.

Proceed through the corridor that opens up until you reach a room where Frost gets in touch with you again. She'll inform you that you will now have lost the ability to regenerate health and use your Feral Senses. When the scene concludes, push crate in front of the red lit door and use it to reach the open vent shaft above. Crawl through the vent and you'll drop into another room. Head down the stairs here first and pull the crate to the right (next to the the tall platform). Jump on top of the crate then to the platform above. Before grabbing the Power Cell, jump up to the balcony above this platform to the left and pick up the Healing Factor 1 Mutagen. Now drop back down and pick up the Power Cell. Carry the Power Cell back up the stairs and place into the receptor here. Run down the stairs and push that crate into the middle of the newly opened doors. Go back up the stairs and take the Power Cell and the doors will attempt to close but the box will prevent it.

Now carry this Power Cell through the stuck doors and use it in the next room to power on the lift. Take the lift up and then go to the left and stand on the stack of boxes. Jump up to grab onto the ledge above then shimmy to the left where you'll find another Dog Tag on a small platform. Shimmy back across and follow the corridors around until you reach a room where a cutscene is trigger between yourself and Carol Frost.
A Frosty Reception

Straight ahead of you is another door that will lead you into a lab. After the meeting with Carol Frost head down the open corridor to where you'll see some laser mounted turret guns. Instead of charging head first at the guns, make your way down the hallway to the right. Go into the door at the very end of this hallway to find a Rampage 1 Mutagen. Step back out into the hallway and go into the room on the left. Find the exit on the opposite side of the room and you'll be able to walk right up behind the turret and take it out.

Now go down this hallway in the opposite direction of the now dead turret. Go past the open door on the left and enter the room at the very end on the right. In here you'll find another Dog Tag. Now go into that room on the left past. Dodge and run from cover to cover to avoid the turret's fire. In the room to the far left, use the console to reveal the Power Cell. Pick it up and carry it up to the receptor and insert it here to unlock the door. Before charging out onto this balcony that is being watched by turrets, use the control console to the left of the power cell receptor to move a shield to the far right of the balcony. Now step out onto the balcony and wait for the shield to begin moving. Use the shield for cover and stay behind it all the way to the far end of the balcony. Now climb into the open vent shaft on the back wall.

Climb through the vent then Lunge at the enemy below from the vent's exit. Go down the stairs and use the control panel to move the two shields here to their opposite sides. Now use them for cover so you can avoid the turret's sight and then destroy it. Go back by the control console and take the Power Cell from here. Carry it through the door behind the old turret and put it into the receptor on the left. Go into this small room to find a Figurine. Now take follow the corridor and take a left to encounter Carol Frost again and you'll regain your healing abilities.

After the short scene, you'll have your healing factor back. Kill all your attackers that rush into the room. When all is quiet and before you leave, search the back area of this room to discover another Dog Tag. Now leave through the door you enter through. Fight your way up the stairs and enter the small open room tot he left. Here you'll find a Vitality 1 Mutagen. Follow the hallways through the facility. Find your way through the various hallways. After a room that is gassed, you'll find yourself in another hallway. Take a left and go to the end where you'll find a door on the right and a door straight ahead. Enter the door straight in front of you first to collect the Dog Tag. Now go into that room on the right and kill the invisible Ghosts. Watch the water on the ground and look for their footsteps to find them. Leave this room and work your way around the hallways to the left and down some stairs to face more Solders. Before going into the open down straight ahead, enter the small room on the right and pick up the Dog Tag. Now enter the room at the end to find another larger lab-like room with Frost. She'll restore your Feral Senses. Use your senses to see the Ghosts and fight your way through them and all the other enemies that flood into this room. Eventually an enemy Soldier will appear on a balcony on the other side of a wide chasm on one side of this room. Lunge at him to reach this balcony. As you make your way towards the door at the end, be sure to check the open cell door and collect the Dog Tag. Now go through the door at the end.

Here you'll find a bunch of holding cells and you'll be introduce to a Grenadier. When he shoots a grenade at you, tap Block just before it hits you to Deflect it back at him. Kill the Elite Commandos here then grab the Experienced 1 Mutagen to the right of the cell in the middle of the room. Now approach the large cell at the other end of the room. After the scene you'll need to fight off some more enemies and then you'll need to remove the control panel from the cell controls to disable them and trigger another cutscene.
The Escape

Here you'll be introduced to a Goliath soldiers. Goliaths have powerful mechanical arms that can slam the ground for an electric shock wave and even grab you. They also carry a shield making it difficult to land a hit on them and impossible to land a Lunge attack. A charged Heavy Attack can knock their shield away for a moment so you can get in some other hits. You can also stand near them and Grab them when they start to swing a punch. Watch carefully for their mechanical arm to pull back and then grab them and perform a Quick Kill to end the fight real fast.

Once you defeat the first Goliath, more will appear here along with numerous Soldiers. Be carefully as Soldiers like to hide behind Goliaths making it hard to Lunge at them. Note too that this area will be filled with gas that makes it hard to see. Use your Feral Senses to aid you with your vision. Try to take out all the Soldiers around the edge of the room first, the ones without Goliath protection. After you've clear the perimeter of pesky Soldiers, focus on dealing with the Goliaths and then the remaining enemies.

Once you've fought through them all, a large door will open revealing a few more enemies. Before charging through this larger door however, go into the smaller door next to the forklift to collect another Dog Tag. Now kill the enemies in the larger door then proceed through into the corridors. Go left and you'll enter another large room where you'll be attacked by a W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype. Roll around behind it then Lunge onto its back and hack away at it. Repeat until you've killed the beast. When the doors reopen, proceed down the net corridor and take out the Soldiers here. There's two Grenadiers at the end of the hallway. Tap Block just before a grenade hits you to Deflect it back at them.

Use your Feral Senses to see the steel support beams above you. Notice that the truck in the small alcove is green too. Pull the truck out as far as it can go then jump on top of it. Before jumping to the platform to the left, use your Feral Senses to look to the right and see the green ledge there. Jump into this small alcove and collect the Inner Rage 1 Mutagen. Now jump onto the platform to the left of the truck. Carefully cross the two support beams and then head to the left through the small door. Go straight along this small catwalk and to the right to find a door. Pry it open and collect the Dog Tag from within. Now drop off the catwalk and take out the Soldiers below. Head into the next room with the large spinning turbines. Use your Feral Senses to see the Ghosts units here. Kill them all then make your way up the stairs and around to the left. Lunge a the Grenadiers on the opposite platform.

Step out into the corridor and go straight first to collect the Dog Tag from behind some boxes. Now follow the corridor around and up through the enemies units attempting to stop your progress. Hack your way through them and you'll eventually find a door you'll need to pry open. Inside the next room you'll trigger a small scene. Afterwards kill the two guards and step into the elevator and take it down to another passage. Use your Feral Senses to follow the doctor's footprints. They'll lead you around various corridors and you'll need to fight through some enemies along the way. When you are attacked by a pair of Elite Commandos, check an open room to the left for the Samurai 1 Mutagen. Pry open the shut doors they lead to and eventually you'll find the doctor in a small room.

After the scene with the little girl, kill all the Soldiers blocking the large doorway then step through to enter the tunnel.
Light at the End of the Tunnel

Run down the tunnel and target the soldiers in the back of the trucks and Lunge at each of them. Fight your way through the enemies and past the trucks. Soon water will be released into the tunnel. Run! Don't stop just keep moving. You'll approach some truck attempting to flee the rushing waters. Target the Soldiers and Lunge at them to land on the back of the truck. Kill the baddies here and you'll leap to the next one. Repeat this process until you can't get to the next truck. This one has a Grenadier in the back. You'll need to Deflect a grenade back at him to defeat him and complete this area.
The Frozen Tundra
Team X

Once back in Africa, follow the jungle path to the clearing before a temple. Fight your way through the Machete Warriors and Soldiers. Once you've killed them, you'll face another Leviathan. Roll around the creature and Lunge onto its shoulders. Hack away at the beast until you are prompted to tear its head off. Before heading toward the temple ahead of you, head backwards to find a small path up to the left and the Dog Tag lying at the end of the trail. Now make your way into the temple and go straight back behind the tall statue to find another Dog Tag. Follow the passage to the left.

Keep moving through the corridor and you'll drop into a pit with spikes. Pull the statue out just a little bit then jump on top of it then climb up onto the ledge just above it to collect the Unstoppable 1 Mutagen. Finish pulling the statue into the middle of the pit and use it to jump out of the pit to the left. Continue on your way and into a large room with a crank in the middle. Once you start turning the crank the ceiling will lower with spikes. You need to tap the Grab button as fast as you can to open the exit to this room. Once you've fully opened the door, run towards it and pick up the Dog Tag next to the door then run and dive through it before the ceiling traps you.

Proceed to the courtyard and you'll be introduced to Machete Masters out here. These enemies can multiply themselves. You'll need to kill them all quickly because if you leave one alone for a few moments, it'll multiply itself. Use Rage Attacks to hack through these characters quickly. In the corner of the courtyard, you'll find a statue (use your Feral Senses to see it glowing green). When you approach it, you'll meet a Hunter. Kill this new foe like any other melee heavy enemy and then pull the statue to the left and set it onto the pressure plate.

Make your way into the skull across the bridge and proceed through the corridors. Avoid the spikes and climb the rope. You'll soon find yourself in a tall open area with three giant statues. There's a crank by the entrance you just walked in but ignore it for now. Drop down and smash the wood around one of the statue's feet. Now hop up to the next area and to the far back on a ledge, you should see a small statue like earlier. Use your Feral Senses to help spot these things if you're having trouble. Jump up here behind this small statue and you'll find another Dog Tag to collect. Now kick the statue down then pull it to the left of the nearest giant statue. Use it to reach the platform up above then smash the wood planks around the giant statue's waist. Go back to the crank near the entrance. Turn the crank and the three giant statues will lower platforms for you. These are on timers so you'll need to act fast. Jump from one to the next all the way across this area and you'll end up on the opposite ledge of the one you started on.

Follow the balcony into another corridor and use your Feral Senses to avoid the spikes. You'll come back outside in another clearing. Fight off the Machete Masters and then the Leviathon that appears. A Machete Champion will burn down the gate for you afterwards. Kill him then follow the path to the tower. Kill the Machete Warriors you encounter along the way then cross the long bridge to the tower.

Inside the base of the tower, climb the up to the next level and kill the Machete Masters here. Go out onto the platforms here and then climb the wall with your claws. Climb up and left then drop down onto another platform. Use your Feral Senses to spot these things to interact with so you can ascend the massive tower. Continue climbing, fight, and narrow beam walking your way around an up the tower. Just before reaching the top of the tower, be sure to explore the right and leap to the other platform and collect the Dog Tag. Continue to the top of the tower where you'll find the Ion Emitter. Approach one of its panels and pull off the cover by tapping the Grab button. You'll then be attacked by numerous waves of Machete Masters. Slash your way through wave after wave of them until there are no more. Pull off the remaining two panel on the emitter to destroy it.
I'm The Best There Is

You'll now find yourself in the middle of a forest. At the start of this area, turn directly around to find the Shredder 1 Mutagen. Now follow the trail through the woods and combat any enemies you encounter along the way. You'll need to climb up one small waterfall and loop around across a downed tree to reconnect with the trail. Keep moving and fighting your way through the forest. You'll eventually find a a cliff-face you'll need to climb. Cling to the ledge first then jump to the one to the right. Here you'll fine the Art of War 1 Mutagen. Jump up the small rocks here and use your claws to climb along the icy wall to the left and up.

Climb up onto this mountain top then make your way along the cliff. At the end you'll be knock off during a brief cutscene and a chopper will drop a W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype into your area. When the beast breaks out of the ice, avoid Lunging at it unless you have a clear shot at its back. Otherwise, jump into the air and midair attack it with Light Attacks. You'll find another Dog Tag to the right of where the monster breaks out of the ice along the rocks. After you've done some damage to the creature, it'll run away from you and clear a path at the same time. Straight ahead of you you'll see another Dog Tag along the trail the WE.N.D.I.G.O. just revealed.

As you begin to make your way up the trail, you'll be bombarded by machine gun fire and bombs. Keep an eye out as the bombs will land in the snow then go off in a few seconds. Dodge and jump your way along the trail to avoid this explosions. When you eventually find some quiet in a cave-like surrounding to the back of the cave you'll find another Dog Tag. Now climb the icy wall to find your way out of it through the roof.

Follow the trail around and you'll eventually stumble into the W.E.N.D.I.G.O. from before fighting some Soldiers. Start fighting the Soldiers and the creature will run off again. Once you've cleared the area of enemies, climb the ladder to the tower then shimmy across the cable to the next one. Jump to cliff and follow this path up a log to another clearing. The W.E.N.D.I.G.O. will attack you again here. Take the creature down then follow the trail along the cliff to get to lower ground.

Be ready as you pass the W.E.N.D.I.G.O.'s body as it'll snatch you up as you pass. Tap the Heavy Attack button to break free from its grasp. Proceed down the path to the small frozen pond.

Jump onto the rocks and use them to reach the trail above. Follow this trail until your ambushed by a ton of Soldiers and Elite Commandos. Using Berserker mode here will help you slice through all the enemies. To the back left of this area you'll find a rock that you should use to jump off from to reach the ledge above (use your Feral Senses). Follow the small trail to the next clearing and kill all the Soldiers. A short cutscene will ensue.

Follow the river the base of a waterfall and then use your claws to scale the icy wall. Jump to the ledges and then to the trail. Take the trail up the kill where you'll encounter more Soldiers by an antenna tower. Once you've kill the enemies, knock over the tower by hitting it a few times then walk across it to reach the cliff above. Take and immediate right and follow this ledge to collect a Dog Tag and then continue into the cave past the body to find the Savage 1 Mutagen.

Leave the cave and head down the trail in the direction the tipped over tower is pointing. You'll approach an facility. Kill the guard leaning on the fence by walking up behind him and hitting the Grab button. Once you're inside the fences, there no real sense in sneaking around. The alarms will go off eventually anyway so you might as well start taking guys out. Straight back, opposite of the fence you passed through, you'll find a Dog Tag at the end of the lower narrow walkway. Work your way through the narrow alley to the next open area. You'll be fighting a lot of Soldiers and Guardians. Lunge attack Soldiers and Grab the Guardians when their shield is lowered. Be sure to search the small staircase to the back left of the forklift to find the Blood Rage 1 Mutagen.

Eventually you'll have hacked your way through all the enemies and they will sick a W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype on you. Only Lunge at this creature when it's back is to you. It is pretty easy to dodge this guy then Lunge onto his back. Alternatively, jumping and midair Light Attacks also work well. Once the Wendigo has been killed, defeat the three Elite Commandos that attack you then climb the ladder that was lowered. On the roof, follow the catwalk to the opposite roof and use your Feral Senses to see and kill the Ghosts. Use the cable running between roofs to shimmy across to the other side. Then do the same to reach the rooftop with the antenna. Knock the tower over with a few hits then carefully walk across it to enter the next building through the broken window. Before pick up the C4, grab the Dog Tag just to the right of the small staircase in this room. Now pick up the C4 in this room then drop down to the ground from the window and plant the C4 on the side of the truck. Opt to use the breaker box next to the truck to cause a huge explosion and gain access to the bridge.

Here you'll need to make your way along the bridge using the lamp supports as cover from the helicopter fire. Wait for the chopper to reload its guns before making a break for the next one. At the end you'll have to fight your way through a small army of enemies. Berserker mode works well here. Be sure to search the area around to the left and grab the Dog Tag here. Then go around to the right and collect the Rampage 2 Mutagen. Now climb the ladder and head into the control room above. Grab the Healing Factor 2 Mutagen and head through the door to the other side to trigger a small scene.

You'll now find yourself on a walkway under the bridge. Run to the left to avoid the chopper fire. Head down the stairs and collect the Dog Tag in front of the large bridge support. Jump to the bridge support beam, grab the Dog Tag just below then jump to the next walkway. Keep moving left. Killing the Soldiers along the way is optional. When you reach the second support beam, know that it'll come loose and you'll need to quickly jump to the next walkway before it floats away with you on it. Climb the ladder to reach the top of the bridge again. Quickly begin running to the left. Keep moving down the middle of the bridge as the chopper destroys it behind you.

After you escape the bridge follow this pathway around to the right. You'll encounter some Ghosts and normal Soldiers here. Use your Feral Senses to spot and kill them. Work your way around to the ladder and climb to the next level. Take out the three Elite Commandos up here then climb the next ladder to reach the helipad above. Run up to the middle of the landing pad to face off against a chopper. You can't jump onto this one but you can Deflect rockets back at it. Run around to avoid the machine gun fire, then when the chopper turns sideways ready yourself for a rocket. Deflect rockets back at the helicopter until its destroyed and a scene is triggered.
What I do Isn't Very Nice

Jump to the platform across the small gap and climb the stairs. Kick open the door at the top of the stairs and then enter the garage to the right. Kill the Soldiers here and then pull the truck forward. Now find the turntable controls in front of the truck and activate them once. Push the truck onto the turntable and then activate it a second time. Kick open the door on the right to collect another Dog Tag. Kick open the door on the left and activate the winch. Now push the truck backwards to the wall. Climb on top of it and jump to the crate you lowered. Climb the rope here and jump to the next rope then to the platform. Cling to the small pipe above this platform and shimmy across to the far side.

Drop onto the small office roof then inside. Kick open the door and cling to the pipe above this balcony. At the far end you'll drop onto another platform. Ignore the Soldier through the window for a moment and go pick up the Dog Tag in the corner. Now stand in front of the window behind the guard and tap the Grab button.

You'll emerge outside in a depot of sorts surrounded by Soldiers. Lunge around and kill all the Soldiers as two W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototypes break down the steel doors. When dealing with two of these monsters, it's best to forget about Lunging onto their backs. While you on one, the other can smack you off. Instead, focus on jumping into the air and barraging them with midair attacks. You'll avoid some (but not all) of their punches. If are hurting for life, go stand behind the truck on the raised walkway. They can't get you here. Once you're ready, return to constant midair death dealing. Once one beast falls, you can go back to Dodging and Lunging onto the one creature's back.

Once both W.E.N.D.I.G.O.s have been dealt with, proceed through the door they busted through and down the long road. There'll be two Grenadiers in the back of the trucks that approach you. It's best to take them out first then worry about the Soldiers and Guardians. Behind the trucks to the right, jump up the rocks and grab the Dog Tag from the ledge on the left before proceeding down the trail through the woods at the top of the rocks.

Follow this path through the woods. You'll need to jump and climb up a steep rock face at one point. Just after you do you'll take a left and along the right side you'll see a knocked over tree that leads into a cave. Enter this cave to find the Vitality 2 Mutagen and to unlock the WoW! Achievement/Trophy by find the sword inside the cave. Leave the cave when you ready and continue down the wooded trail.

Kill the enemies you encounter and keep moving. You'll eventually see an unsuspecting Solider across a chasm. Target him and Lunge at him to perform a silent kill. Take a few steps to trigger a small scene with Nord. You'll now regain control of Wolverine, but be seeing through Nord's sniper scope. You need to climb the ladder up the tower to the right. Wait for Nord to take a shot then jump onto the ladder and quickly climb up it. At the top of the tower, jump and grab onto the cable here to slide down across a huge ravine.

You'll be dropped into another wooded area where you will be attacked by a ton of Solders and some Elite Commandos. Quickly Lunge around to take out the Soldiers. Keep moving and use your Rage Attacks to slash your way through the enemy forces. To the far back of this area you'll find a ledge to jump to via a rock. Shimmy to the left, jump the gap then climb up to the far left. At the top of this little cliff, immediately move around to the right and pick up the Dog Tag from the downed soldier.

Follow the next trail through the woods down to a dam. Cling onto the ledge and shimmy to the right, jumping each gap in between the waves of water being released. Once you reach the other side you'll find another Dog Tag in a small alcove in the corner. Go to the far right then climb the ladder up to the area above. Smash the boxes block the truck in and then pull the truck out of the garage just enough so you can use it to reach the top of the garage. From here you can Lunge at the Soldier across the way. Quickly Lock onto the Grenadier in a small room opposite of you. Lunge at him and grab the Dog Tag from within this room. Drop down and fight your way through the horde of enemies Nord throws at you. Proceed into the damn and down the ramped into the large room with the spinning turbines.

Here, you'll need to use the crates as cover from Nord's sniper shots. Avoid his red laser sight and make your way towards him. Take cover behind boxes and don't hang around in the open fighting Soldiers. If you go all the way forward and to the left (just past the stairs), you'll find an Experienced 2 Mutagen. Now head up the stairs to the catwalk high above the turbines. Nord will flee leaving you to fight your way through all his guards. Use your Rage Attacks to hack through his men. At the far end of the catwalk you'll find more stairs that lead you up to a rooftop area.

Nord has four W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototypes up here waiting to be "hatched". He'll start by shooting one to unleash it. If you stay right in this beginning area, you can simply fight this one by itself, then go wake another one, stay close and fight it by itself and repeat for the remaining two. This is easier than running around and waking them all up at once and having to fight them all at the same time. However, if you want the special Ultimate Wolverine Achievement/Trophy, you need to wake up all four and fight them all at once, and win. Like earlier, this is easier to do by jumping and midair attacking the creatures. Try not to get pinned in the middle by all four and keep jumping and attack. Eventually all four will be defeated and you'll be able to pursue Nord in his chopper.
Snipe Me Once, Shame On You

Charge the ledge towards the helicopter and Lunge at it. Tap the attack button to damage the chopper and press down to avoid the passenger's gunshots. Punch the chopper until it's on fire. Pull yourself back up and smash the window then kill the pilot.

You'll need to skydive to the next helicopter. Press up to speed up and catch up to the chopper just be carefully not to overshoot it or hit the blades. Hold down to slow down. Aim for the tail of this helicopter. Once you're in position, start hacking at the tail. You can Deflect the grenades shot at you, but most of them won't hit anyway so focus mainly on chopping at the chopper.

Once this second one has been destroyed, you'll need to skydive to a third chopper. You'll really need some speed to catch this on. When you in the new position of attack, tap the Light Attack button to put your claws in the chopper's blades. Also note that left will allow you to dodge shots from Nord. Keep tapping the attack button until you've destroyed the propellor. This will concluded the chapter.
Days of Future Beginnings
Jungle Rendezvous

Follow the path to the clearing where you'll fall into an underground arena as you attach the Soldiers bating you. In the arena you'll need to fight your way through Hunters until all the locks have been removed from the exit. Once they are, head up the stairs and stand on the pressure plate at the top to open the door. Turn your Feral Senses to help avoid the traps laid out for you.

Keep moving forward and you'll come to an open area where you'll be introduced to Shifters. These jungle mutants can teleport and create three walled barriers in attempt to trap you and limit your movement. You can grab these enemies and perform a Quick Kill by tapping the Heavy Attack until you've won the little dual with them. Hack your way through them to the far side of this area and climb the rope to the back left. Use your Feral Senses once again in the hallway you find yourself in above to avoid its traps. You'll find another Dog Tag on the right hand side of a left turn in this corridor. At the end of the tunnel you'll trigger a cutscene.
Project Wideawake

Climb into the vent shaft then crawl forward through it until you drop through some grating into the secret facility. As soon as you drop into the facility, turn directly around and pick up the Inner Rage 2 Mutagen. Now face your original direction and enter the door on the right to collect the Dog Tag from the fallen soldier here. Leave this room and then enter the door on the left to find yet another Dog Tag. Now follow the hallway around as you venture deeper into the compound. You will eventually come to a door at the end that will trigger a brief scene when you pass through it. The scene will introduce you to Enforcer Droids. Treat them like any other melee combatant. Take them out and head through the door they came through. Use the teleport on this balcony to warp to the opposite balcony.

Head through the door here to be attack by more Enforcer Droids. Take out the pesky Guardians first then dice the droids to pieces. You'll need a Power Cell to continue through the opposite door. Go into the clean white chamber to the right and pick up the Power Cell. At this point you'll be introduced to the Predator Unit. Don't attempt to Lunge or Grab these machines. Instead just hack away at it until you'll destroyed it. Two more will appear. Destroy each of them then pick up the Power Cell again and put it into the receptor next to the door in the main room.

With the Power Cell in place you can pass through the next door which will lead you to two more green lit doors. Enter the room on the left first and kill all the enemies inside. Collect the Dog Tag from the left hand side of this room (opposite of the laser controls). Now operate the control panel in here to disable the laser beam defensives for a short while. Run out of this room and now enter the door on the right. Quickly run to the end of this corridor and pry open the doors before the lasers reactive.

Step out onto the next balcony. Use the control panel here to move the teleport to the other platform. Now step into the stationary teleport to warp to the other side. On the opposite balcony, be sure to check around the left corner and grab the Dog Tag here. Enter the next room where you will attempt to access an elevator but be denied due to lack of clearance. You'll need to fight a slue of Enforcer Droids and Guardians. Use your Rage Attacks to defeat the hordes of enemies. Beating them all will trigger another scene and put you on a long elevator ride and then a transitional scene.

Back in Africa, turn to your left and pick up the Dog Tag next to you. Now go to the right. Before you cut the rope, look up to see a small platform with a Mutagen on it. Stand just below the platform and double jump to it and collect the Samurai 2 Mutagen. Now cut the rope that is holding up a block. You'll drop down onto a pressure plate that will raise two pillars in the middle of the area in front of you. You'll need to jump on the shorter pillar and then double-jump to the higher one to reach the balcony above. However, you may want to take out at least the Shifters first. There's a Machete Master on the upper level who will keep spawning others continuously. Once the Shifters have been dealt with, it's best to stand on that pressure plate to raise the pillars then Lunge at this hard to reach Machete Master so that you can finally rid this area of them.

After you've taken him out, go around this balcony to the left and kick the statue off the ledge. You'll notice the top of it is on fire. Drop back down to ground level now and push this statue under the unlit torch by the gate (use your Feral Senses to see it glowing green). Once the torch is lit, pull the statue back and place it onto the pressure plate nearby in the middle. This will open the gate.

Cross this small bridge you've opened and enter the skull doorway. Follow this corridor around avoiding the spike traps and killing the Shifters along the way. In this small little area where you faced the Shifters, you'll find another Dog Tag in the corner. Proceed through the tunnel find yourself on a ledge with a slot that needs a Crank. Drop into the pit with the three large statues. Check under the stairs to the right to find the Unstoppable 2 Mutagen. Go to the far back behind the Hunter you'll find the crank. Before you grab it though, be sure to smash the wood in front of the middle statue. Fight your way through the enemies as you carry the Crank back up the stairs to the ledge. You'll need to turn the crank in between waves of Machete Masters as there's a single one on the opposite ledge who will constantly respawn more men. Turn the crank until all three statues are fully out then jump onto the platforms behind. Jump from one to the next quickly before they begin to retract and finally Lunge at that lone Machete Master. Once you've killed him, you'll find another Dog Tag behind him in the corridor. Follow this pathway up to the clearing to trigger a cutscene.
Raven's Explanation

After you discover who Raven really is, look to the right and pick up the Shredder 2 Mutagen in the corner. Now turn to the left to see a platform being lowered. Ride this downwards and jump to the platform in front of you to collect another Dog Tag. Turn around and Lunge at anyone of the Soldiers on the lower level. Take them out then operate the teleport controls. Move the other end of the teleport to the far left then warp out to this other platform. From here you'll need to jump onto the moving crates and run and jump to the next one behind it. Keep making your way backwards along these crates as a group of Soldiers attempt to shoot at you. When you are within range, Lunge at them and wipe the floors with them.

Next you'll need to jump to the platforms going downwards then quickly jump to the next one going up. Hop off at the lower platform in front of you (the first one) and take the Dog Tag here. Now turn around and on this same platform you'll find another Dog Tag hidden in an alcove. Ride the rising platform up until you see the Soldiers on the higher level and Lunge at them like you have the others. Kill them all then proceed up the stairs toward the large door to trigger a short scene. Make your way to the left of the giant door and use the teleport controls to move the teleport to the far left. Make sure to go all the way to the end cause this will move backwards when you stop controlling it. Quickly hop into the teleport to warp to this other platform where you'll need to battle a pair of Enforcer Droids. Rip them to pieces then head through the green lit door.
Bolivar Trask

Follow this hallway down and kill the two Soldiers on the right. Behind them at the base of the small stairs is another Dog Tag for you to pick up. Continue down the corridor and go through the green lit door at the end to enter then next room where you'll be attacked by some Predator Units. You cannot Lunge or Grab these machines so simply get in close and hack away at them or keep your distance and Deflect their grenades back at them. Getting in close is probably a faster method though.

Take them out and proceed along this corridor. Destroy the next set of Enforcer Droid then continue on your way. Keep moving and you encounter some Soldiers down some stairs. Take them out and proceed into a control room of sorts that looks out into another room with a Cryo Freeze machine. In your little control room you'll find two control panels and a teleport. One panel control the Cryo Freeze while the other controls the other end of the teleport.

First, simply teleport into the open room and look to the left. Above the rail the upside down teleport is attached to is a Mutagen. Double jump onto the platform to collect the Art of War 2 Mutagen. Now warp back into the control room use the teleport controls and move it to the far right into a small room. Stand on the teleport to warp there and you'll find a birthday cake with "Surprise" written all over the wall. This will unlock the Achievement/Trophy, The Cake. In this same small room, be sure to pick up the Blood Rage 2 Mutagen. Now return to the control room via the teleport and use the controls again but this time move it to the far left. Teleport out there and quickly hop off the conveyor belt. Run to the back of this area and pick up the Dog Tag back by a computer station. Now grab the Power Cell to disable the forcefields and take the Power Cell out into the main Cryo Freeze room. Put the Power Cell in the receptor out here to get the conveyor belt moving under the cryo freeze machine.

Now, teleport back to the control room. Move the teleport in front of the cryo freeze machine. Now you can activate the Cryo Freeze and quickly run for the teleport. When you appear in the large room, jump onto the conveyor belt to be frozen by the machine. You will become a block of ice and will be carried along the conveyor belt skipping all the heat sensitive security systems.

At the end of your frozen ride you will trigger a small cutscene that will introduce a new enemy, the Mark 1 Prototype. This Prototype Sentinel is one mean customer. You only Lunge at this machine when facing its back. It's best to only attempt this when it slams the ground with both fists. While it has other basic melee attacks, the one you have to look out for the most is when his fist glows blue. When this happens the Mark 1 will punch the ground sending a burst of freezing air that can turn into another block of ice. If this happens, tap the Light Attack button to break free. At a distance the Sentinel will shoot rockets at you. These can be Deflected back at the machine. While this works well too, it's a bit on the time consuming side and with the Sentry's coming for you, it can be difficult. You best bet is to jump into the air next to the giant robot and hacking at it in midair. Repeat this while dodging this punches and he'll go down. Be carefully once it does though, as its torso will crawl after you and explode.

After the scene with Trask, leave this are through the green lit door next to the conveyor belt. Follow this pathway and take out the Soldiers that stand in your way. Keep moving forward and you'll pop back out in the Cryo Freeze room. Defeat the Enforcer Droids and Soldiers here. Teleport back into the control room, then leave by making your way back up the stairs. Backtrack along this path killing anyone who stands in your way. After killing four Soldiers who pop out of a door on the right, be sure to check inside this small room to find another Dog Tag. Proceed through all the green lit doors and you'll eventually come out onto a platform where you'll be attacked by numerous Soldiers who teleport in. Wipe this area clean of enemies and an elevator will open in the back of this platform.

Ride the elevator up and grab the Dog Tag directly in front of the elevator exit. Now kill the Ghost up here with you Feral Senses, and then walk across to the narrow beam to the opposite platform. Pick up the Dog Tag to the left of the elevator. Get into the elevator here and ride it down. Kill the enemies in this small control room you find yourself in. To the left of the elevator you'll find the Savage 2 Mutagen at the end of a platform. Use the Bridge Controls located behind the elevator. Know that this bridge extends and then collapses so you'll need to act fast. Start running across the bridge as soon as you activate it. Target the Soldier on the opposite platform as you charge at him and Lunge as soon as the arc turns green to avoid falling to your doom.

Take a right and you'll find another Dog Tag at the end of the platform here. Turn around and face off against more Soldiers and Predator Units. Slash your way through them then get on and use the lift to the left. Step off the lift and you'll trigger a cutscene.
Wideawake's Secret

Head down the small set of stairs then kill the Soldiers that attack you here. Notice the Power Cell receptor here. Follow this platform around to the side of the Sentinel to find a teleport with a control panel and a Dog Tag lying next to it. Ignore the panel at first and step onto the teleport. You'll appear on a small balcony with a Power Cell. Pick it up and use the teleport to warp back to the original platform. Put the Power Cell into the receptor here then use the control panel to move the other end of the teleport to the very far left to reveal a secret room. Warp into this room to pick up the Healing Factor 3 Mutagen. Warp back to the controls and move the teleport just a little to the right so you can warp out to this other balcony. Go down the stairs and jump over the worklog to the right of the stairs. Go back under the stairs to discover this Dog Tag. Now activate the Sentinel Conveyor out in front of the stairs.

This will move the Sentinel out of the way of the bridge you activated with the Power Cell. Teleport back to the original balcony then cross this newly formed bridge. Now follow this platform around and up through a door and into a corridor.

Proceed straight ahead through the door in front of you. In this large room you will be attack by a Sentinel Prototype. Don't Lunge at it, unless you have a clear shot at its back and its recovering from a swing. Stay close to it attacking its ankles with your melee attacks and Dodging its swings. Always roll around to its backside, especially when it does a double fist ground pound. This it a great time to Lunge at its back. The key is to keep hitting it. If you get too far away from the machine, be sure to Deflect its rockets back at it.

Once you've taken the Sentinel down, a door will open. Head through the door and kill all the enemies you find in this corridor. You'll find another hallway to the right that will lead you to an elevator. Take the lift down and you'll find yourself on a platform in front of a half-built Sentinel. Go to the right side of this balcony and wait for the moving platform to come to your position. Jump to it and ride it to the next platform and jump to this one. From the second moving platform, climb the ladder it stops by and collect the Vitality 3 Mutagen and the Dog Tag by the railing. Now get onto the third moving platform that arrives here. Hop to the four one from there and then into another alcove with a ladder. Climb up and pick up the Dog Tag just to the left of the top of the ladder. Head to the right and activate the Bridge Controls. Cross the bridge and approach the door in the middle of this balcony to trigger another cutscene.
Finding Agent Zero

Follow the path ahead of you and you'll come across a pair of hunters. Take them out then grab the Dog Tag by the tree next to the ledge before Lungeing at the Soldier in the distance to reach the bridge in the middle of the chasm. March your way along the bridge quickly taking out each Machete Champion before they can multiply. Follow the bridge to the end then jump and cling onto the ledge there. Shimmy around to the left, jump the gap and then climb up when you past the debris on the ground. For the back left of this ledge you'll find another Dog Tag. Before climbing the wall, be sure to go into the small ruins at he top of the broken stairs to the right and collect the Experience 3 Mutagen. Now use your claws to climb the wall by the dog tags up to the platform above.

Jump the gap to the next platform then follow it to the end where you'll find a rope to climb. At the top of the rope jump to the next higher platform. Pass through the structure and kill the Machete Master you encounter here (tossing them off the ledge is an easy solution). Grab the Dog Tag and step out onto the other ledge then carefully walk along the narrow beam to get to the next platform. Once again here you'll need to climb the walls using your claws. Climb up, to the right, then up again to the reach the next platform.

You'll now reach another gap with three Soldiers on the other side. Lunge at them to get to their side and rip them to pieces. Step out onto the platform behind them and jump up to cling onto the ledge above you. Shimmy to the left. Climb the rope you come to at the next platform. Climb the rope upwards and until you can jump and cling to the wall with your claws. You'll need to wall jump to the left here then keep clawing to the left until you can go upwards which will lead you to the very top of the tower.

At the top you'll face multiple Shifters and a slue of Machete Masters. Use your Rage Attacks to dispose of them all quickly then go to work on destroying the Ion Emitter. Remove and stab each control panel of the three control panels to disable the emitter and trigger a cutscene.
Aim for the Head

After the cutscene, you will regain control of Wolverine who's staring at an operational Sentinel head. Quickly run to the left and Dodge the laser beams the Sentinel shoots from its eyes. Take another left before the stairs and grab the Dog Tag. Run up the stairs and kill the two guards on your way into the next room through the open doors. Here you'll see a Sentinel hand be lowered. Go to the right and pick up the Inner Rage 3 Mutagen. Run around the catwalk to the left and take your first left you can to find another Dog Tag at the end of this platform by some boxes. Proceed along the main platform to the back you will find an elevator to operate.

Use the elevator to lower yourself into the area where the hand went. To to the right and pick up the Dog Tag by the ladder. Back next to the elevator you'll find the controls to move the hand along a rail. However, portions of the rail are missing. Make note of these controls as you'll need to use them in a hurry. Go to the right of the controls and climb the ladder. Up here you'll find a different control panel. Activate it to raise a missing portion of the rail. A timer will begin meaning that the rail will lower again. Quickly drop back down the way you came and run back to the hand controls. Slide the hand along the rail to the left until you can move it any more. During this you will be attacked by Soldiers. Simply ignore them until you've moved the hand to the far left.

Kill the Soldiers then venture to the back of this room past the ladders to find Rampage 3 Mutagen. Now climb the ladder nearby to find another Dog Tag. Climb the ladder almost parallel the hand controls to the right. Up here you'll find another control panel that will raise the second missing rail section. Like before, as soon as you activate it you'll need to hurry back to the rail controls and move the hand to the left. It will be lowered to your level. Run up to the hand and use the hand controls. Spin the hand around to the left and start shooting its laser at the three doors here. Enemies will pour out of these rooms. Simply pick them off using the laser.

Enter the middle room and run all the way to the end and use the elevator there. You'll arrive in a control room. Pick up the Dog Tag next to the controls and the Samurai 3 Mutagen to the left next to the stairs. Now use the bridge controls in the middle to move the purple teleport up and the white one to the left. The thing is the purple one will not stay in place, it'll alway slide back to its starting point. So you need to move it all the way up , then align the white one with the purple one's track so it can't slide back. Now go stand on the purple teleport in your room to warp out into the other larger room. Walk under the white one here to teleport to another platform. Head down the stairs and remove the Power Cell from the receptor. Now go back the way you came through the teleports and take the elevator back down to the hand's level (you'll need to set the power cell down to use the elevator).

With the power cell in hand, proceed down the long corridor back towards the Sentinel hand. You'll be ambush at the end of the tunnel. Kill the enemies then insert the power cell into the hands receptor just to the right of it. You will automatically be put at the controls of the hand again. Use it to shoot all the incoming forces from the three opened doors. Eventually your platform will be raised. At the very top take aim and shoot the Sentinel head that was pestering you earlier.

Make your way out into the room where the dead Sentinel head is. Now pry the doors open opposite of the robot. In this small hallway you'll find a Dog Tag on the right and another Dog Tag on the left. Grab both and head towards the door at the end to trigger a cutscene.

After the scene, turn directly around and pick up the Dog Tag on the right then the Art of War 3 Mutagen on the left. Head back out into the room with the dead Sentinel. Enemies will extend bridges to your side. Meet them with your claws out and take them down. Cross the long bridge and enter the small door on the opposite side of the room. You'll come out into a tunnel from earlier. Make your way down to the left, killing the enemies you encounter along the way. In the next room, go through the doors on the right. Follow this pathway into another Sentinel room have been in before. Cross the bridge that extends for you to trigger another cutscene.
Sentinel Mark 1

Phase 1

You'll be greeted by an intro preview to the giant machine as it readies to destroy you. This Mark is massive. You'll need to avoid the robot as it lunges at you. Dodge to avoid it. The idea here is to destroy its hands and feet. Start with its feet. On Either side of both feet is a yellow cable. Meaning there's four to be destroyed. Rush the feet and start hacking away at the cable. When you see the foot rise, it's best to back off and avoid the incoming stomp and electric sound wave the radiates from the impact. Do this by jumping over the blue ring as it expands outward.

Once the foot is back on the ground again, return to hacking at the yellow cables. Destroy the outside cable on one foot then move into the inside of that same foot. If you happened to be picked up by a hand, don't fret. This is actually needed. As soon as you are picked up, start tapping the Light Attack button to slash away at the hand. Once it drops you, return to attacking the foot your were before. Destroy each yellow cable on both feet then hack the casing of the foot until it's destroyed and all that remains is a nob. You should be picked up a few more times in the process. Each time you are, simply slash like mad and you'll eventually destroy each hand. Once both hands and feet are destroy, the Sentinal will launch into the air.

Phase 2

After a brief seen you'll regain control of Wolverine as he skydives after the half-destroyed Sentinel. Use the Left Stick to move to the right and left. Hold Up to gain speed and Down to slow yourself in midair. Using the Right Stick will make you Dodge across the screen a lot faster. Finally, the Light Attack button will allow you to basically punch through debris that is flying at you.

The goal here is to avoid the debris as it falls off the robot and catch up to the machine so you can pull it to pieces. Hold Up to increase your speed and punch through objects as they fly towards you. When you catch up to the Sentinel, Wolverine will automatically shut down one of its engines. Doing so though will fling him off the robot and you'll need to repeat this process.

During your second approach, a large piece of metal in the shape of a circle will fly at you. If you can fly through the middle of this circle you will unlock the Achievement/Trophy, Thread the Needle. Keep baring down on the Sentinel and when you are within range Wolverine will take out the second engine.

Again you'll be tossed off the machine and will need to approach it for a third and potentially final time. This time when you do reach the machine, you'll need to tap Grab incredibly fast in order to pull the chest plate off the Sentinel. Don't stop tapping until the cutscene is rolling or you risk not completing the sequence and having to re-approach the Sentinel. Once this cutscene rolls, you can relax because you've defeated the Sentinel Mark 1.
Put Up Your Dukes

You will now find yourself in a grocery store facing off against the oversized man who will be known as the Blob. His attacks do a lot of radial damage and are at times in the small aisles hard to avoid. You'll need to Dodge a lot during this battle. The idea here is to Dodge his attacks, try to roll around him (not too far away) and then get in a few hits before he can swing at you again. Once you take a chunk of his health away, the Blob will roar and then sprint at you. Roll out of the way as he attempts to belly flop you. At this point, he will be stunned. Lunge onto his back.

The Blob will now stand up with you on his shoulders. You'll use the pair of Lunging buttons to stab Blob. Know that whatever side you stab Blob in, he will turn in that direction. You're trying to deal the majority of your damage up here while avoid walls. If you hit a wall, he'll throw you off. If this happens, just repeat the process to get back onto his shoulders.

Keep doing this until you've defeated the fat man. Know that you can unlock a bonus Achievement/Trophy called, Clean up on all aisles! To do this, you need to destroy every object in the grocery store. If you're having trouble, use your Feral Senses to aid you in spotting everything.
Mardi Gras
The Corbeau Casino

Here you'll have the first of many face offs with Gambit. The most important thing to note when battling Gambit is not to Lung at him unless he's stunned. Gambit will always bat you away like a baseball. However, if you put some distance between you and him, he'll toss a power charged card at you with which you can Deflect right back at him. This will stun him and allow you to Lunge at him and do some more damage.

This isn't the only way to hurt old Gambit though. At close range your basic Light and Heavy Attacks can be used as well as a Counter Attack. However, possibly the easiest thing to do is to Grab Gambit. He is very susceptible to this and you can easily perform a Quick Kill move for more damage.

Duke it out with Gambit and he'll eventually hop up onto some scaffolding and throw cards at you. Deflect a card back at him to stun him then Lunge at Gambit while he's stunned. Now tap the Light Attack button to slam his head against the pillar. After a few slams, Gambit will charge the scaffolding. Jump off it and return to attacking him like you were. Eventually he'll hop onto the over scaffolding and you'll simply need to repeat the process like you did last time.

Gambit will then jump down to the lower level. Nothing changes though, just keep countering, and grabbing him to deal damage along with your normal attacks. He'll soon jump up into the large back window and toss more cards at you. Again, Deflect a card back at him to stun him, then Lunge at Gambit and you two will crash through the window.

After the brief scene, you'll find yourself impaled on a spear. Tap the Grab button to remove yourself from the pole. Head up the stairs to trigger another short scene then grab the Dog Tag on the left. Afterwards you'll face off against several Soldiers and Goliaths. Some Ghosts will show up after a couple of waves. Use your Feral Senses to spot them and quickly Grab them and Quick Kill each of them with their own shotguns.

When the area has been cleared, push the silver crate to the far side of the room and use it to reach the high scaffolding. From there, climb the rope and jump to the platform. Leap across the gap then shimmy along the rope here to get to the balcony. Go to the far right side of this balcony to find another Dog Tag. Now open the door here to the left and follow the hallway to the dented door. Hack through it to find a corridor littered with dead bodies. Pick up the Dog Tag along the right side of this bloody hallway.

At the end you'll be met by some soldiers and Ghosts. Dispose of them and proceed through the door they blasted through and grab the Dog Tag lying in front of the fountain. Continue up the set of stairs and you'll be introduced to a new enemy. Assassins are melee combatants. Lunging at them doesn't generally work as then can counter it. However, you can Counter Attack their basic attacks as well as Grab them and perform Quick Kills. A couple of these and you should put the Assassin down.

Before exiting through the large doors, go through the small open door to the right and collect the Blood Rage 3 Mutagen. Now kick open the large double doors and you'll see a preview of the massive statue room ahead of you. Enemies will be fighting each other in here. Head up the stairs to the right then turn directly around to see another Dog Tag waiting for you to grab. Simply work your way around the base of this area to the right. Once you've cleared out the enemies here, pull the silver crate along side of the tall scaffolding and climb up on top of it. Climb up onto the next balcony and make your way to the left. Kill the Soldiers and Deflect the grenades back at the Grenadiers. Proceed to the small platform with the rope suspended above it. Jump and cling onto this rope then shimmy all the way across to the opposite balcony to collect the Dog Tag here. Back back across the rope and drop onto the plate of water the two statues hold between them. Watch as an elevator lowers behind the statues. When it opens, target the Soldier inside and Lunge at him to get into the elevator.

Use the elevator and ride it upwards. At the top, you'll come out to see Gambit run away in the distance. Step out of the elevator and take a immediate left and use the rope here to shimmy across to the small platform where a Dog Tag lies. Now go back across and carefully cross the narrow steel beam to the right of the elevator to the opposite side. Kill the two Assassins here then proceed around to the right. You'll walk up some stairs towards a large window when a helicopter shows up to ruin your day. At the top of the stairs quickly run to the left and pick up the Dog Tag here. Head towards the window and use the stacks of silver cylinders to reach the platform on the left of the window. From here, jump to the one on the right, then back to the left then final to the right again. You'll now need to run along these catwalks as the chopper destroys them. Dodging is more troublesome here as you can get caught on the lip of some falling debris. It's better to focus on running and jumping to clear obstacles. You'll first need to run towards the camera, then to the left. Next you'll need to quickly jump over boxes to make your way along the exploding balcony. Lastly, you'll run toward camera again until you're blow out of the building only to land in another section of it.
High Rollers Lounge

Kick open the door in front of you and kill the three Assassins in the next room. When they are dead, the windows will be blown open and you'll be attacked by some Soldiers and two Goliaths. Break through their shield defenses with either a charged Heavy Attack or a Grab the second you see him wind up for a punch. Step out onto the window ledge and climb the ladder you find here.

When you reach the rooftop, run around to the left and you'll reach a dead end but also find a Dog Tag. Now head back to the ladder and go past it to the right. Run out onto the platform and scale the wall with your claws. Use the boxes you find on the next ledge to vault over the dividing wall and repeat this until you get to an explosion. Kill the Assassins that run pop out of this blown out window. Once killed, inspect the window they came out of to find and collect the Savage 3 Mutagen. Continue over the next divider wall. Follow this ledge ahead of you until you see the bridge below you to the right where Gambit is.

You'll need to fight Gambit again here. Like before, try to focus on getting in close and performing a Quick Kill move. Lunging at Gambit only works if you've Deflected a card back at him so don't rely on it. After dealing a bit of damage Gambit will flee and then destroy most of the bridge. You'll need to carefully cross the beam to the other side then jump on top of the crates to reach the ledge above. Follow it to the right and you'll soon encounter some Elite Commandos. Toss them off the ledge and continue on your way.

Follow this path to a dead end, then use the top of the lone small box to jump up to the ledge above you. Take this scaffolding walkway up to a rope and climb it. You will eventually see a platform along the building to jump to. Do so then slide down the rope at the opposite end. At the end of your little ride, jump onto the box here and jump up to grab and slide down yet another rope.

Once you reach the end of your second consecutive rope slide, pick up the Dog Tag in front of you. Now jump onto the boxes on this platform and scale the wall. Climb up to the left and into the building. Turn to your left and Deflect grenades from the two Grenadiers on the next platform. Once dead, drop into the pit between you and where the Grenadiers once were and grab the Dog Tag down here. Now hop back up and cut the support rope on the edge of your side and then jump to theirs where a stack of wood will fall into place. Stand on top of the stack of wood. The goal is to the jump to the suspended box. Stand along the right side of the wood and double jump to the crate. Now cut the crate down. Once in the lower area with the recently cut loose box, turn around and pick up the Dog Tag behind you. Push the crate against the far back wall. Climb top of it then jump up to the next ledge.

Step out onto the ledge that looks to the other building. A helicopter will rise to meet you. Target the chopper then Lunge at it. Begin hacking away at the top of it. Once it begins to flame, Wolverine will drop down and hang underneath it. Now swipe at its underside until you jump back up to land in front of the window. Break the window open with a couple punches then toss the pilot out.

After the brief scene you'll find yourself looking down a long bridge within the other building. Turn to your left to find another Dog Tag by your starting position. At the opposite end of the bridge there are four Grenadiers taking aim on you. There's a large crate in the middle of the bridge. You can simply push the crate down the bridge and use it as cover but know that you will also be attacked by other enemies along the way. Instead, simply try hopping on top of the crate first, then Deflecting grenades back at the fools at the far end. Once all four are dead, push the crate across the bridge and deal with the Elite Commandos minus the barrage of grenades.

At the opposite end of the this bridge, be sure to check the balcony to the right and collect the Dog Tag. Once you've pushed the crate and it will go no further, jump on top of it and leap into the open elevator. Use the elevator to ride up to the next floor. You'll be greeted by a group of Assassins. Clear the room of them then head out onto the catwalk and follow it around the outside of the skyscraper. At the end of this walkway, climb the wall using your claws. This is a long climb.
Please Excuse Our Dust

At the top of your climb, you'll discover two Elite Commandos and an Assassin fighting each other. You'll want to interrupt their little tiff by tossing each of them out off the nearby ledge. Know that most of this level has a ledge to hurl troublesome enemies off from. Hop up onto the silver crates to reach the ledge above. From here, use your claws to climb the wall (use you Feral Senses if you need to see where to do this). Go right then turn around to the left and head up the small wooden ramp to find another Dog Tag.

Now jump out to the rope to the right and slide down below. Lunge to the other platform and fight your way through the Ghosts and Assassins. Climb the ladder at the end of this stretch and be ready to claw through more Assassins and Ghosts up above. Follow this path to the other end and climb up the rope you find here. Jump to the platform.

Battle your way along this corridor to the back where you'll find some boxes to climb. At the top, Lunge attack one the enemies on the opposite ledge to reach it and kill the baddies here. Once they are dead, you'll notice one Soldier high above shooting down at you. Jump onto the scaffolding to the left. At the top you can Lunge attack this Soldier which will make you automatically fall into another area. Kill your way through the enemies here. At the opposite end you'll find a ladder to climb.

Kill all the Soldiers you find up here then jump down into the lower area filled with Assassins. Use Rage Attacks to take them out and finish off any survivors. Above you will should have notice the large suspended support beam. Cut the ropes that anchor it to the ground. Now climb back up the side you came from and jump onto a box along the ledge. Leap out onto the swinging support beam and quickly run to the opposite end and jump to the next ledge.

Hack your way through the next group of enemies and down the ramp. To the back left of the cement mixer you'll find another Dog Tag in a small alcove. Nearby you'll find some boxes that allow you jump onto some scaffolding. Once up here, you'll need to jump out to the rope hanging from the support beams. You'll now need to jump from rope to rope to reach the next ledge. The best thing to do is to use the Right Stick to move the camera around so that the next rope you want is in the middle of the screen directly behind Wolverine's current rope.

When you reach the next ledge, you'll simply need to jump out to another rope. Slide down this rope to find a Health Boost at the base. Now climb all the way up this rope until you can climb no further and jump to the platform. Carefully walk across the narrow beams and then drop down to the base of the crane. Climb onto the Crane and walk out to the end of it to collect the Figurine. Now stand on the crane arm near the platform and jump straight up to grab onto the angled rope. Slide down the rope to reach the next area and kill all the enemies here. Climb the ladder of the tall crane here.

Gambit is waiting for you here. He'll run down the arm of the crane and throw cards at you. Deflect these cards back at him to gain ground and make your way down the arm. Once he jumps to the helicopter make a mad dash from the end of the arm as you need to Lunge to the chopper before the crane topples over.
52 Pickup

You and Gambit will now end up standing on the tops of a bunch of giant letters part of the casino sign. Gambit is a tricky one to hit and get ahold of up here. Your best strategy is to either Counter Attack his melee attacks or Deflect his charged card projectiles back at him. This will stun Gambit giving you the change to Lunge onto him. When you do this, be sure to follow the Lunge up with a Heavy Attack. Don't Lunge at him when he's not stunned as he'll always knock you away with his staff.

After taking some damage, Gambit will knock a letter down and from then on, occasionally charge a letter which will damage Wolverine. Do your best to stay clear of these. Follow Gambit to the far left side. Deflect a card back at him and then Lunge onto him. He'll most likely swing you over the ledge and you'll need to tap Jump to pull yourself up. Keep battling him to the right now. Eventually he'll knock over another letter and you'll be on a catwalk down below.

At this point, Gambit will take cover underneath one of the still standing letters and hurl cards at you. Deflect three cards and they will knock this letter down on top of Gambit. He will now retreat to the top of the letters again. Use the ladder to the left to climb all the way back up there. At this point Gambit loves to simply bat you completely off the letters as soon as you get off the ladder. The best thing to do here is to simply ignore attempting to hit him and focus on getting on the left side of him so he can't bat you down below over and over again. Keep fighting him like you were before with either Counter Attacks or Deflecting cards and then Lunging. Eventually he'll destroy another letter tot he far left and he will retreat to a letter on the far right.

Again, you'll need to deflect cards back at him and his letter. After three hits, the giant letter will fall and knock him down to your level. Once more, Deflect cards or Counter Attack him until you've defeated Gambit.
The Wolverine
The Beginning of the End

Back in Africa, you'll find yourself in a courtyard in front of a jungle temple. You'll need to quickly engage several Soldiers and numerous Machete Masters. Take out the Machete Masters first to keep them from multiplying. Hack your way through the enemies here then push the small statue into the alcove near by to the left. This will open the door nearby. Head through the door and follow the corridor around. You'll eventually find a Soldier on the other side of a gate that lowers when you stand on the pressure plate before it. From the plate, you'll need to Lunge at the Soldier to beat the gate before it closes.

To the left you'll find a pit. Drop into the pit to pick up the Dog Tag from the downed soldier. Climb back up using your claws and on the wall. Now jump to the rope and then jump to the opposite side of this pit. Around to the right you'll find a corridor lined with floor spikes. Watch and learn their pattern. Before making the trek down the dangerous path, use your Feral Senses to see the planked up doorway along the left wall. Now time your run and go for this doorway and break through the wooden planks with your claws. Inside you'll find a small room that is home to a Shredder 3 Mutagen.

Leave this small room being mindful of the spiked floor waiting for you. Proceed further down the hallway until you come out into another large open area where a cage is raised from the ground and suspended over head. Here you'll be attack by a bunch of Machete Masters, some Soldiers and even some Hunters. Quickly Lunge around and take out all the Soldiers first then start working on killing the Machete Masters.

Once this area has been cleared, find the crank in the corner and turn it to lower a gate. This process will be interrupted however when a Leviathon barges through the other wall. Take it down like you have the all the others. Now return to turning the wheel and then make your way up the path the gate opens up. Ignore the wheel at the top of the ramp. Instead, run up onto the staircase to the left and follow this pathway back and around. Use your Feral Senses to see the small ledge for shimmying above the opposite platform. Jump to the platform then double jump off the two small steps in the corner to reach the green lit ledge above (in Feral Senses). Shimmy to the right and pull yourself up onto the ledge above and pick up the Dog Tag here. Drop down onto the platform you just were on then step out onto the ledge to find yourself on the upper level of the area you where just in. Jump to the ropes and land on the suspended cage. Now cut the rope that is holding the cage in mid-air.

With the cage on the ground, push it onto the base of the ramp you just ran up. Once the cage is on this little platform at the bottom of the ramp, run up to the top and use the wheel you ignored earlier. Turn the wheel and the platform will climb the ramp bringing the cage along with it. Don't stop turning until you hear the click. Once you do, run up the stairs behind you and then jump on top of the cage and then quickly to the other platform before the platform goes back down the ramp.

Follow this passageway around and you'll encounter some Machete Masters and a Shifter. Take out the Machete Masters first then worry about the mutant. Continue following the path to find another corridor of spikes. Watch them closely and make make dashes for the grey concrete as spikes don't pop out of these squares. Carefully proceed down this hallway.

You'll soon see a switch to be pulled but will have to kill two Hunters before you do. Counter Attack and/or Quick Kill them and then pull the level to lower the gate here and the small fence down below in the starting courtyard. Drop down into the courtyard once again and fight your way through the small army of Soldiers and the Machete Champion.

When the area has been cleared, drag and push the statue from earlier all the way to the opposite alcove that you just opened. This will open the gate on the right side of the temple. Follow this pathway around. When you see the enemy run away from you in the distance, use your Feral Senses to view the trap and jump over it to proceed. Stand on the pressure plate to lower the next gate then Lunge to the enemy on the other side.

Continue to follow this path around and down into an open area. Here you'll face a wave of Machete Masters followed by a wave of Shifters followed by another wave of Machete Masters. Once the area has been cleared you'll need to solve a bit of a puzzle to reach the upper ledge. First you'll need to climb the broken staircase in the corner. Up above you'll find a platform and a pressure block sticking out of the ground. Jump and stand on this block and you'll see a block down below rise as yours lowers. This is all time sensitive so you'll need to act quickly now. Once you here the click, jump down below and land on top of the block you just raised. From here jump up to the ledge directly opposite of the one you were just on. Here you'll find the second pressure block, a much taller one. Stand on this one to raise another block in the open middle area. As soon as you hit the ground and hear the click of this block in place, race back up to the first pressure block and stand on it to raise the other one. Now jump off and onto the original raise block then use it to reach the top of the second raised block. From here quickly jump up to the ledge high above the ground before the blocks lower and you have to do it all over again.

Follow the corridor and avoid the trap. You'll pop back outside on a ledge high above the courtyard from earlier. Kill all the enemies here. Break the wall on the right open to reveal the Unstoppable 3 Mutagen in a small chamber. You'll unleash a Hunter by entering but the Mutagen is worth it. Step back out into the open, cut the statue free, then kick it off the ledge and then drop down to the courtyard one more time.

Once you hit the ground you'll be ambushed be another Leviathan. You'll begin this fight like any other but will quickly be joined by a Shifter and then some Hunters. It's best to focus on taking out the each of the smaller foes first as then can knock you off the giant monster when you are latched on it attempting to deal damage. Once you've taken out the small fries, Lunge at the massive creature from behind and attack it until it knocks you off. More Hunters will appear each time you get in a solid attack on the Leviathan. Each time they do, be sure to take them out quickly so you can attack the Leviathan again.

Once this monster goes down the fight is far from over. You'll be attacked by a bunch of Machete Masters and Shifters. Use your Feral Attacks to handle the crowds and thin out their numbers. When the area has been wiped clean, push the statue you just kicked off the ledge onto one of the two new pressure plates in the middle of the courtyard and then pull the other one from earlier onto the second plate. Proceed through the newly open passage in the middle of the temple to trigger a cutscene.
The Island

You'll start in an open square area surrounded by Soldiers and a few Ghosts. Use your Feral Senses to quickly spot the Ghosts and wipe them out first. Then go to work on all the remain basic Soldiers. Note all the Environmental Kill spots using your Feral Senses and use them to help thin the ranks quickly. Eventually more enemies will pop out of a green door to the back. Kill them then make your way up the stairs to find another Dog Tag. Proceed up the narrow hallway and pick up the other Dog Tag on the left in the cage-like area. Follow this corridor around and cross the catwalk. Kill the Ghost in the next room and pick up the last Dog Tag on the right. Now take a left and head through the door to trigger a cutscene.

This Sabertooth battle is just like the original one. Perform Counter Attacks and Grab Attacks on him at close range. Know that if he is about to Counter you, time will slow giving you a chance to Counter his Counter. When he is a long distance away, he will generally Lunge at you. You cannot block this so to combat it, you'll want to Lunge at him. It's best to simply plan on Lunging whenever he is far away from you knowing that he is going to do the same to you. Keep the pressure on him and this fight really shouldn't be a hard one.
The Merc with a Mouth
Weapon 11

Phase 1

Here you'll face off against the newly altered Deapool wielding two long swords sticking out of his knuckles. Standard melee combat rules of engagement apply here. It's important to note that performing a Counter Attack will trigger a small button mashing sequence. You'll need to furiously tap the Light Attack button to win the dual. While this might initially detour you from using the move, know that winning these little duals gets you a boat load of Rage Orbs. Use your Rage attacks freely against Deadpool as you can always perform a Counter Attack to acquire more Rage.

Use everything you've learned throughout the game against this Weapon 11. Lunge Attack to intercept him. Charge Heavy Attacks to pop him into the air and follow up with mid-air attacks. Basically do anything but stand around doing nothing and you should beat this portion of the battle with little trouble.
Boss Battle Finale
Weapon 11

Phase 2

Deadpool, or Weapon 11 if you will, teleports Wolverine to the Island's reactor tower. While the battle takes place on this narrow rim, actually don't need to worry about falling or being throw off, just yet. Weapon 11 now adds a few new abilities to his arsenal up here. He'll utilize his teleportation ability and warp all around you delivering attacks each time. He'll also teleport a good distance away from you only to use another new ability. It seems Deadpool has be given the ability to shoot Optic Blasts from his eye like Cyclops. Weapon 11's basic attack pattern here is, warp 3 times around you then he'll pause for a moment, allowing you to hit him a few times. Then he'll warp away from you and shoot an Optic Blast at you then repeats.

While you can simply flail your claws wildly around when Deadpool is near you and land enough blows over time to defeat him, this can be troublesome and time consuming. Instead, try charging a Heavy Attack and then delivering an uppercut to Weapon 11. This will pop you both up into the air. Now slice the crap out of him in midair then Grab him before you power punch him across the screen and instead, pile-drive him into the ground. When he's on the ground, charge another Heavy Attack and pop him into the once again and repeat. This essentially pins him and lets you deal a lot more damage a lot faster. If you want to speed up the process even more, enter Berserk mode to deal even more damage. If you are running low on Rage, perform a Counter Attack and win the little dual to be awarded a ton of Rage Orbs. Doing so will always give you Rage at anytime during the battle. Repeat this uppercutting and midair dicing tactic until you've whipped his health clean. This will trigger the next phase for the battle.

Phase 3

Weapon 11 will warp to the far side of the tower and regenerate all his heath. When the camera zooms back to Wolverine and the sound slows down, Dodge to the right or left as Weapon 11 unleashes a devastating Optic Blast that destroys a chunk of the tower's rim. Now you will need to be carefully of these ledges Deapool creates by destroy parts of the tower. He'll blast chucks of the tower away for the remainder of the battle and you can fall off these which means you'll need to repeat the first phase of the battle. This can get somewhat aggravating if you are falling into these holes a lot.

What you want to do here is quickly get in close to Weapon 11 as fast as you can. Dodge his Optic Blasts as you run to his position. If you need to jump over a gap he's made, time your jump in between Optic Blasts as getting hitting by one in mid air will halt all forward motion which means you could simply fall into the gap you were jumping over. You can do one of two things here. Like the first part of this tower battle, you can charge a Heavy Attack and uppercut him into the air and then follow through with a barrage of mid-air slices. Alternatively, if you can knock Weapon 11 onto his back, quickly perform a Heavy Attack on his downed body. Now keep doing Heavy Attacks on him to effectively spam him. You can pin him on the ground like this for some time. He generally will teleport away eventually, but you'll do a lot of damage to him before he does.

It's best to attempt to stay on the larger remaining sections of the tower's rim. If you're near Deadpool who's on another section, try Lunging at him to cross the gap very quickly. Again, your best strategy here is to stay as close to Weapon 11 as possibly and never stop hitting him. This is not a place to be playing a defensive game. You need to keep the pressure on him and take him out as fast as possible before you end up falling into a gap. Use the occasional Rage attack to aid you in the process. The Claw Drill and Claw Spin work well against him.

Stay close to him, be careful around the gaps in the rim, and keep at him until Deadpool is finally beaten. Now sit back and enjoy the ending cutscenes

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